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Cover-Dot Acne Care - 36 (Pack of 3 - 108 dots total)

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Product Info
  • Better & thinner adhesive than other products with hydrocolloid
  • Stops urge to squeeze acne or blemish to prevents scarring
  • Only product with hydrocolloid made in USA
  • Perforated, easy-to-peel dots

 108 dots total - 9 sheets (12 dots per sheet)

Clear adhesive dot promotes faster healing of acne, pimples and small wounds. Acting as another layer of skin, Cover-Dot contains hydrocolloid which creates the perfect environment for the blemish to heal and regenerate skin.

Stops urge to pop or squeeze. The strong adhesive prevents users from touching their blemish and also helps prevent scarring. 

Drug-Free & Non-Drying. Hydrocolloid found in Cover-Dot is a natural adhesive compound laminated onto a flexible, water-resistant outer layer. Unlike medicated treatments, Cover-Dot maintains moisture and helps heal blemishes without irritating or drying out the skin. 

Protective Cover. With tapered edges, the waterproof dot stays in place and protects against bacteria & dirt. It is ideal for overnight use and nearly invisible for daytime use.

Visibly Shows Results. See the dot as it's working - dot changes from translucent to white when oil & pus have been absorbed.


1. Clean face and blemish area with soap & water. Dry.

2. Apply Cover-Dot over a blemish.

3. Replace when dot turns white and has absorbed oil & pus.

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