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Green tea in your skin care

Posted by connie cho on

Green tea’s health benefits have been regarded for centuries, dating all the way back to Ancient china. But what does green tea actually do for the skin? Antibacterial and Anti-Inflammatory Properties - Many scientific studies...

Retinol: what is it?

Posted by connie cho on

Retinol What is it? Retinol is an active form of the vitamin A molecule What does it do? Retinol stimulates collagen production and turnover of skin cells. It encourage the skin to shed problematic layers...

What to do after popping a pimple

Posted by connie cho on
All dermatologists agree that popping or squeezing a pimple is not recommended. However, if it happens, you can apply Cover-Dot on popped pimples to allow healing AND to prevent yourself from touching the infected skin.
In addition, use these tips to prevent further damage.

5 Misconceptions about Acne

Posted by connie cho on

Here are a few of the biggest myths about acne & helpful tips for clear and healthy skin:

You will eventually outgrow acne — it’s only a teenage problem.
Washing your face consistently is the cure to acne.
Wearing sunscreen clogs pores.
Your diet has nothing to do with acne. 
Sun exposure is good for healing a breakout.

Honey for Acne - Does it work?

Posted by connie cho on
Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, honey is a very good remedy to relieve acne-related discomfort. It effectively reduces swelling, pain and redness associated with acne. "