Prevent and Control Acne During the Holidays

Prevent and Control Acne During the Holidays

1. Try to avoid excess foods that trigger acne.

Opt for veggies and fruits as much as possible.
Avoid foods that trigger acne:

  • Processed food with high sugar & carbohydrates (also known as high-glycemic foods).
  • Food with dairy, such as milk, cheese, ice cream, etc

2. Keep alcohol intake to a minimum

It’s tempting to pass on cocktails during the holidays, but alcohol will change your hormone levels. One direct cause of acne is an imbalance in testosterone or estrogen levels. Drinking also causes dehydration, which dry out your skin and cause the skin to age faster. Remember to stay hydrated with plenty of water if you do have that glass of champagne at dinner! 

3. Keep up your normal skincare routine

It’s tempting to skip your daily skincare routine when you’re having too much fun, but remember to wash your face thoroughly and apply skincare products regularly during the holidays. Washing two times a day is optimal (overwashing can dry out your skin). At night, remove dirt, makeup, oil to prevent pores from clogging. 
Good acne-fighting ingredients include salicylic acid & benzol peroxide. However, acne-fighting ingredients should be used sparingly because they dry out the skin and can have negative side effects if overused.

Cover-Dot Acne Care is a drug-free option that helps heal acne without drying out the skin. These dots can be with in conjunction with other acne fighting products or by itself because they are safe to use on sensitive skin. Hydrocolloid, the only ingredient in the dot, acts as a second layer of skin and absorbs impurities from pimples without drying out the skin.

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