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Phyto Anti-Acne Mask - 2 masks


Your new reusable mask that helps you avoid maskne - bundle it with Cover Dot!

The Fabric: ATB-UV+ Silver Nano

  • ATB-UV (antibacterial-ultraviolet) Silver Nano+ is an advanced reusable
    fabric blend with antibacterial and antimicrobial technology proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria.*
  • Advanced fabric blend absorbs moisture from the surface quickly, preventing the growth of bacteria and keeping you sweat & odor free. 
  • Lightweight, breathable, soft fabric keeps skin free from synthetic fibers of disposable & fabric masks that cause acne and irritation.
  • 99% UV protection.
  • 3D design for comfort and breathability 

+ Your Acne Fighter : Phytoncide - aroma of the forest

Phytoncide is an organic plant compound with anti-inflammatory properties. Plants and trees release phytoncide to defend themselves against harmful insects and decomposition. The smell that hits you when you're in a forest? That is phytoncide.

Benefits of Phytoncide for Skin:

  • Clarifies and revitalizes skin texture**
  • Helps soothe inflamed skin
  • Combats pollution
  • Masks are processed with phytoncide microcapsules using an air purification system that sterilizes harmful substances and emits a natural phytoncide to help you protect yourself without causing maskne.


*C Balagna, S Perero, E Percivalle, EV Nepita. Virucidal effect against Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 of a silver nanocluster/silica composite sputtered coating. May 2020.

**Fujimori H, Hisama M, Shibayama H, Iwaki M. Protecting effect of Phytoncide solution, on normal human dermal fibroblasts against reactive oxygen species. J Oleo Sci. 2009;58:429–436. doi: 10.5650/jos.58.429.