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Phyto Anti-Acne Mask - 2 masks


Ollie Belle's Phyto Anti-Acne Face Mask is specifically designed to soothe and protect your skin combining two special elements.

1. Masks are processed with phytoncide

Meaning "aroma of the forest"  is your acne-fighter. It is an organic natural plant compound with anti-inflammatory properties. 

✓ Revitalizes skin texture
✓ Helps soothe inflamed skin 

2. A blend of moisture-wicking fabric 

✓ Helps absorb moisture quickly, keeping you sweat and odor-free and free from bacteria buildup that causes breakouts 
✓ Soft fabric keeps skin free from synthetic fibers of disposable & cotton masks that cause acne and irritation
✓ 3D design for comfort and breathability 

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*For Non-Medical Use