About Us

We got fed up with the unending beauty rituals, complicated acne healing remedies with messy acne creams and scars from pimple popping. 

At Ollie Belle, our passion lies in developing safe and simple acne solutions that can help heal acne without rigorous solutions, harsh chemicals, or complex ingredients.

Our vision is to make skincare an affordable, hassle-free, and safe experienceWe are your affordable and simple solution for better skin.

We want you to get better value for your time and help you achieve clearer skin so we brought you the simple "peel, stick & forget" way of diminishing pimples with Cover Dot Acne Care. Our acne dots are developed with hydrocolloid technology, which skips the toxins, eliminates dry skin, and works with your skin to absorb toxins from pimples. 

Why us? 

Ollie Belle was born under Smartmed, which exports and imports hydrocolloid bandages to medical professionals in the United States and Asia for decades. We developed one of the first hydrocolloid acne dots made in the U.S. for export and distribution to Asia. Five years later, Smartmed started distribution of Cover Dot Acne Care in the U.S. Our acne patch is the first acne patch to be made in the U.S. and FDA registered - and is made with the same hydrocolloid technology that is contained in bandages that are used by medical professionals - to ensure the utmost level of compliance and quality for consumers at a reasonable price. 

We don’t just sell hydrocolloid - we know quality hydrocolloid technology from around the world. 

 We strive to offer safe alternatives to harsh chemicals found in over-the-counter beauty products and medication for acne.