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About Us

Smartmed was incorporated in 1996 as a medical device distribution company to hospitals and surgeons in the United States and to Southeast Asia. In 2008, after working with hospitals and doctors for nearly a decade, Smartmed began importing over-the-counter pain relief products to pharmacies from South Korea as an alternative to pharmaceutical medication.

In 2008, we developed the first hydrocolloid acne dots made in the U.S. for export and distribution to South Korea. Five years later, Smartmed started distribution of Cover-Dot Acne Care in the U.S. and in physical stores around the country. Our acne patch is the first acne patch to be made in the U.S. and FDA registered to ensure the utmost level of compliance and quality control for consumers.

We strive to offer safe alternatives to harsh chemicals found in over-the-counter beauty products and medication for acne. Cover-Dot Acne Care is drug-free and cruelty-free.

We provide updates on smart and sensible ways to manage acne and other skin issues.