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Cover Variety XL (17 Count) - Variety Size Hydrocolloid Acne Patches

$15.95 $12.00

We've created a variety of acne helpers -  an affordable assortment of different sizes & shapes to manage breakouts. Variety Size Hydrocolloid Acne Patches for Face, Back, Chin & Cheeks - Large Pimple Stickers

Larger & thicker than our original dots (12mm) Cover Dot Acne Care.

Variety pack for night or day use  - use on back, chin, forehead, or face.
50 x 50 mm - 3 each
30 X 60 mm - 2 each
15 mm dots - 12 each (bigger & thicker than your original Cover Dot Acne Care)

ALL-ROUND BREAKOUT PROTECTION: Acne and zits aren’t limited to your face. That’s why we have designed our blemish patches for your face, neck, chin, back, and chest. The large acne patch (the largest in the market!) is great for expansive problem areas where a small patch can’t provide full coverage. Alternatively, an acne dot is perfect to zone in on individual blemishes.

MAINTAIN MOISTURE & PREVENT SCARRING: Hydrocolloid technology enables our patches to absorb pus, dirt, and acne oil from your skin while helping to prevent the urge to pop, squeeze, and touch your pimples, therefore, reducing scarring. Your skin will be left feeling silky smooth and finely balanced from the removal of excess toxins after every patch application.

SIMPLIFY YOUR SKINCARE ROUTINE: If you’re familiar with acne care, you’ll know all about the harsh chemicals, complicated solutions, and long lists of ingredients - well, not in our acne and zit patches. You can enjoy a simple and effective acne treatment without dealing with irritating creams or performing complex healing rituals.