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Maskne Duo - Phyto Anti-Acne Mask + 12 Dots

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Help avoid maskne with a reusable fabric mask that absorbs moisture quickly to help you stay comfortable. Reusable, the fabric of the mask absorbs moisture from the skin’s surface and helps you remain sweat-free. The lightweight, breathable material ensures your skin is free from irritating synthetic fibers that can cause redness and irritation, while the 3D design guarantees ultimate breathable comfort. What's more & extra special is the addition of phytoncide.

What is it? 
Phytoncide or "aroma of the forest" - is your acne fighter. An organic natural plant compound with anti-inflammatory properties.

Plants and trees release phytoncide to defend themselves against harmful insects & decomposition. 
The smell that hits you when you're in a forest? That is phytoncide.

Benefits for Skin
+Revitalizes skin texture
+Helps soothe inflamed skin
+Masks are processed with using microcapsules to contain effects after wash

The Reusable Fabric
+Absorbs moisture from the surface quickly, keeping you sweat & odor free
+Lightweight/soft fabric keeps skin free from synthetic fibers of disposable & fabric masks that cause acne and irritation
+UV protection
+3D design for comfort and breathability
+Default mask color is navy but add your preferred color at checkout (navy or light blue)

This duo comes comes with 12 count Cover Dot Acne Care - your trusted acne healing acne patches with hydrocolloid made in USA. 

Don't need acne patches? Get 2 Phyto Anti-Acne Masks.