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Zinc, vitamin A, E and B6

Posted by connie cho on
Zinc, vitamin A, E and B6
Consuming a healthy diet filled with nutrient rich food is essential to
your overall health. For those with acne there are some vitamins and
nutrients that should be specifically added to your daily diet to help
reduce the possibility of breakouts even more, especially foods that
are rich in zinc, vitamin A, E and B6

These specific vitamins and minerals have been proven to help reduce
the severity of acne breakouts. Zinc, especially in the form of zinc
gluconate or zinc sulfate, can reduce the hormonal effects
on our skin.

Vitamin A can help reduce sebum production. Vitamin E helps protect
skin cell membrane from damage, as well as helps maintain healthy
skin my eliminating harmful free radicals from our bodies, that can often
be generated during physical activities.
Vitamin B6 helps prevent premenstrual acne, and reduce the sensitivity
to the effects of testosterone. By adding foods rich in these vitamins
and nutrients to your diet, you can reduce your chances of getting acne.

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