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Hydroquinone 101 + Alternatives

Posted by c cho on

Hydroquinone is a topical skin-bleaching ingredient used to treat age spots, acne scars and hyperpigmentation by slowing down melanin production. Although it is effective for lightening dark spots, hydroquinone has a reputation for possibly creating...

Common Causes of Acne in Adults

Posted by c cho on

My teenage years are gone! Why do I still get blemishes and acne cysts as an adult? Due to hormonal fluctuations carried over from your teenage years, it’s not uncommon to get breakouts well into your...

Ingredients that Don't Get Along

Posted by c cho on

Ingredients What Happens? The Fix Benzoyl Peroxide + Retinol Dryness and irritation Benzoyl peroxide in the morning & Retinoids at night Retinol + AHA/BHA Redness, inflammation, peeling, dryness and/or irritation Retinoids one day, AHA/BHA the next...

Pregnancy & Your Skin

Posted by c cho on

Did you know that Cover Dot made with hydrocolloid, which is a drug-free alternative for breast-feeding mothers and mamas-to-be. But what can you do to lessen the appearance of stretch marks?  Stretch marks are scars that...

Tips to Keep Wrinkles at Bay

Posted by c cho on

Follow Good Skin Care Basics Wear a broad spectrum sunscreen. Don't smoke. Remove makeup before bed. Use moisturizer. Sleep on Your Back When you sleep in certain positions night after night, it leads to "sleep lines"...