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Spearmint Tea & Acne

Posted by c cho on

Spearmint has the ability to reduce testosterone levels, and thereby reduce sebum production and hormonal acne.Hormonal acne is caused by androgens and these are what causes higher sebum production levels - these higher levels leads to a higher chance of blockage,...

Cleansers & Your Skin Type

Posted by c cho on

There are so many cleansers in the market and picking the right cleanser formulated for your skin type and condition is essential in maintaining a healthy skin barrier and overall skin health. A good cleanser is...

Is it Safe to Use Baking Soda on My Face?

Posted by c cho on

Short answer: no. pH is very important in skincare.Too alkaline and your skin can experience drying, dehydration, and inflammation. If the pH is too acidic, you may experience breakouts, irritation, and burns. pH of 1 is acidic...


Posted by c cho on

#Milia resemble whiteheads, but they are not related to acne & shouldn’t be treated the same way. It is the build up of dead skin - composed predominantly of keratin - that gets trapped beneath the surface...

Hydroquinone 101 + Alternatives

Posted by c cho on

Hydroquinone is a topical skin-bleaching ingredient used to treat age spots, acne scars and hyperpigmentation by slowing down melanin production. Although it is effective for lightening dark spots, hydroquinone has a reputation for possibly creating...