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Stop Picking on Me – Dermatillomania

Posted by connie cho on
Stop Picking on Me – Dermatillomania

Have you ever of dermatillomania or acne excoriée?

Also known as “skin picking disorder,” this disorder is characterized by the the repeated urge or impulse to pick at one’s skin to the extent of causing damage.  Scarring depends on the severity of infection and how adamantly people go after them. And any inflammation, if you break out or do enough excoriating, can lead either to a lightening or darkening of skin color.


Cover-Dots will prevent users from not only picking at acne but also help heal wounds caused by skin picking. The strong staying power on our dots will assure that they stay in place – even when they come in contact with water. Cover-Dots are also great as an overnight healing treatment for wounds, scabs, or infected areas. The hydrocolloid found in Cover-Dot creates a moist condition which is optimal for healing.

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