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Spearmint Tea & Acne

Posted by c cho on
Spearmint Tea & Acne

Spearmint has the ability to reduce testosterone levels, and thereby reduce sebum production and hormonal acne.Hormonal acne is caused by androgens and these are what causes higher sebum production levels - these higher levels leads to a higher chance of blockage, which lead to breakouts. Spearmint is proven to help reduce sebum production and the development of hormonal acne.

A study in 2010 demonstrated that spearmint has anti-androgenic properties, which means it reduces in testosterone levels - and thereby decrease sebum production and the development of hormonal acne. Studies performed in women have shown testosterone levels were significantly reduced over the 30-day period after drinking spearmint tea twice a day. These male-associated hormones are a driving force in some women’s acne, especially adult acne which appears along the jawline in women.

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