Remedies for Sunburn

Remedies for Sunburn


Summer is quickly approaching, but if you're in California or other places where it is sunny most of the time, sun protection is especially important. Sunburns happen all the time, especially if you forgot to reapply sunscreen or forgot to apply altogether. There are remedies to help you get over that painful sunburn and get back to the sun for summer-loving!

1. Green Tea
We all know the countless benefits of green tea for your skin and helping you get over the sunburn is no different. Green tea contains polyphenols, which naturally protect plants from the strong, damaging UV rays of the sun. It is anti-inflammatory and very effective for sunburns.

2. Aloe Vera
The most well-known method of calming a sunburn is aloe vera, which provides a cooling relief. It has anti-inflammatory properties and can 
moisturize the skin, helping you avoid the peeling normally associated with sun damage.

3. Yogurt
Yogurt contains probiotics 
that will help restore your skin's natural barrier.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar
Water down apple cider vinegar and spray for instant relief. Vinegar has antiseptic properties that alleviate painful, itchy skin and more importantly, prevent infection.

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