Pimple Patch Battle

Pimple Patch Battle

Extremely excited to share Allison's take on pimple patches. Read her detailed comparison of Cover Dot Acne Care & CosRx Pimple Patches (with pictures - yay!) 


I use a ton of pimple patches. There's a pimple patch packaging graveyard on one corner of my bathroom sink, and I always have an open one on hand. I'm a notorious picker. I see a pimple (or what I assume is even slightly pimply....) and I go to town.

I only recently discovered how dang amazing these things are. Put one over an open pimple (WOUND) and the next morning, it's healing magnificently.

I really wanted to see how these different patches compare, and here's my impressions before hitting the hay and letting these work their mythical magic.

From above my lip down, the patches are:
@cosRX Red Package
CosRX Black Package (blue arrow)
@coverdotacne (pink/purple arrow)

The CosRX Red Package is my tried and true patch. I use this one the most. It's a slightly tapered patch that sticks well and does it's job.

CosRX in the Black Package is THIN AS HECK. Wow. I couldn't get a good picture of it, but it's super discreet and could be worn during the day, no problem. It works just like the Red Package, and I find it's best to use these at night (so you can keep them on longer, etc)

The Cover Dot might just be my new holy grail. It goes to work IMMEDIATELY, and doesn't have to be on as long. I've only used two of these patches, but I'm sold. I used the first before work, and I was able to take it off about 3 hours later. I can't wait to see how this looks in the morning.


Alright! I lost the patch above my mouth because my CPAP irritated it and it fell off. But, I think it worked some, because the spot does look better.

Verdict? The @coverdotacne on the very bottom pulled out so much gunk, I was amazed! The @CosRX in the Black Package didn't have as much in comparison, and the two acne spots were very similar in how they looked before the patch was put on last night. .
When I run out of all my patches, I'm going to buy @coverdotacne exclusively. They're so good!

Disclaimer: I received a free sample of the Cover Dot Acne patches, but all opinions are my own.

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