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Posted by c cho on

#Milia resemble whiteheads, but they are not related to acne & shouldn’t be treated the same way. It is the build up of dead skin - composed predominantly of keratin - that gets trapped beneath the surface of the skin.

What is the cause of milia? 
There is no single cause of milia, but genetics, slow skin turnover, skin damage, irritation from harsh products are some factors that contribute to the formation of milia.

Prevention & Treatment:

1. Thorough cleansing

2. Chemical exfoliation (glycolic acid, salicylic acid)

3. Retinol (helps skin cell turn over)

4. Avoid heavy occlusives & comedogenic products, especially around the eyes

5. Sunscreen (sun-damaged skin is prone to milia)

*Do not try to extract on your own

Fun fact: the singular form of milia, milium, comes from the word “millet” because of a resemblance to a millet seed

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