Is it Safe to Use Baking Soda on My Face?

Is it Safe to Use Baking Soda on My Face?

Short answer: no. pH is very important in skincare.

Too alkaline and your skin can experience d
rying, dehydration, and inflammation. If the pH is too acidic, you may experience breakouts, irritation, and burns.

pH of 1 is acidic while pH of 14 is alkaline. Baking soda has a pH of about 9. As a reference point, your skin is roughly a pH of 5.5. This pH keeps the skin moisturized with healthy oils & protects itself from viral & bacterial infections.  

The top layer of your epidermis is called the moisture barrier, and this keeps your skin supple & moisturized. The moisture barrier is protected by a film called the acid mantle. When you use products like baking soda, your skin becomes too alkaline, and its natural acid mantle & moisture barrier are damaged. While you may not experience any immediate issues after using baking soda, you will experience symptoms like inflammation, dryness, redness, and/or breakouts after prolonged use.

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