Ingredient Spotlight: Allantoin

Ingredient Spotlight: Allantoin

Extracted from the root of the comfrey plant native to Europe, Allantoin is a non-irritating ingredient that soothes and protects the skin. Allantoin aids in wound healing and promotes cell longevity. 

Allantoin is a naturally occurring chemical used as the active ingredient in products like skin creams and moisturisers. Allantoin is also used in creams for wound care as it can speed up the healing of damaged skin. As a moisturiser, allantoin works as humectants which hold onto water and help increase moisture levels, reducing dry and scaly skin.

Allantoin has the ability to soften skin as it has an effect on the cells in your skin, causing the rough, outermost layers of dead skin cells to fall off and be replaced by a soft and new layer.

Allantoin is also thought to promote cell growth and reduce inflammation which is what lets it help in wound healing

The advantage of allantoin in a formula is that it is very active at low concentrations, up to 0.5% and it is non irritating and non toxic.

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