Green tea in your skin care

Green tea in your skin care

Green tea’s health benefits have been regarded for centuries, dating all the way back to Ancient china. But what does green tea actually do for the skin?

  • Antibacterial and Anti-Inflammatory Properties - Many scientific studies have shown that a main component of green tea, the polyphenol EGCG, has anti-inflammatory and anticancer properties that can help to prevent certain skin cancers. Anti-inflammatory properties of green tea help reduce acne. It’s a powerful antibacterial agent that functions as an effective ingredient for treating acne and congested pores. The agents in green tea fight against infection, which is why it’s useful for treating bacterial growth that causes comedone.

  • Sun protection - Green tea extracts protect the skin against damage by the sun. It is best to combine green tea with zinc oxide-based sunscreens because zinc oxide does not react with green tea.

  • Treat Oily Skin - Instead of just absorbing excess oil, like many acne products do, green tea stops it at the source by reducing the production of sebum. It won’t dry your face out, and one study found a 70% reduction in sebum in participants who used a 3% green tea product for eight weeks.

Unlike raw foods such as kale, be selective and read your products when choosing green tea products, because not all forms are pure. Green tea is also listed as cameillia sinesis in your skincare products.

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