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Cover Dot Review by @farya90

Posted by connie cho on
Cover Dot Review by @farya90

Absolutely loving this review of Cover Dot Acne Care by @farya. Read her detailed review below. She has tons of other beauty/skincare reviews on her awesome page so make sure to check it out!

I was introduced to the concept of hydrocolloid patches many years ago when michaelphan mentioned it in one of her videos ( Trip to korea haul)
I have been using these Cover-Dot acne patches for more than two month now so here are my final thoughts
🍭 these are extremely thin so when you place it on your skin it blends in with the skin and looks almost invisible!
All the patches have a matte top so you can easily apply foundation/bb cream on top of it without (it) looking obvious
📎 All the patches have a uniform diameter ( same size ) . The diameter is not too big nor too small it falls on the medium size
🤓 Even though it says acne these patches can also be used to cover cuts, small wounds etc
✌ They come in three different packs of 24, 36 and 48 patches and even 72 yes you have read it right i mean 72 ( cool right )
✨ These basically absorb the oil and pus (dead cells plus bacteria ) from the pimple.The patch turns white once it absorbs the gunk from the pimple. One can use this an over night treatment or even wear them in the morning. What impressed me the most is that these adhere so much better than the Cosrx one. I have worn these several times at night and they are still sticking to my face in the morning. I feel that these work better on raw wounds or pimples which have been drained  because these assist in healing. I live how this created a barrier between makeup and broken skin ( it prevent inflammation and infection).

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