Causes of Oily Skin + Remedies

Causes of Oily Skin + Remedies

Oily Skin can be frustrating to treat, especially if it is attributed to genetics. 

Symptoms of oily skin include:
Clogged pores
Shiny and greasy appearance

Hormones play a role in production of excess oil. Changing homes result in higher androgen levels, which can cause oily skin. The cycle of hormone production also explains those breakouts before and during your period.

Stress - physical and emotional - can negatively impact your body and our skin. Stress also causes hormonal changes, which leads to a higher production of oil. 

Oily skin tends to be more prevalent in warmer and humid climates. 

Remedies for Oily Skin

    • Those with oily skin should avoid comedogenic ingredients, as they are greasy and can clog pores.
    • A study from 2014 concluded that natural astringents have soothing properties that can reduce oily skin. Witch hazel is a natural astringent and anti-inflammatory and many use it as a toner
    • Bentonite clay absorbs oil and clears impurities.
    • In addition to helping reduce acne, honey has antiseptic and antibacterial properties that keep oil at bay.
    • Jojoba oil helps regulate oil production by tricking the skin into believing it produces enough oil and stops oil production. It also helps heal acne and helps reduce acne scars.
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