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Calming Red & Sensitive Skin

Posted by connie cho on
Calming Red & Sensitive Skin

Some people are prone to sensitive skin and redness, particularly around the nose, cheeks, and chin. Aggravated by small changes and certain ingredients, sensitive and red skin often lead to tiny bumps that are challenging to cure. We composed some tips and things to avoid when you suffer from sensitive or redness so that you can achieve the healthy glow you deserve.

  • Avoid makeup or products that contain fragrances
  • Avoid products that leave the skin feeling tight
  • Avoid products containing alcohol
  • Avoid using stiff cleaning brushes
  • Avoid very hot showers, which inflame not only the face but also the body
  • Use a creamy, gently cleanser
  • Use products containing green tea
  • Look for products containing antioxidants & peptides
  • Use sunscreen containing zinc oxide or titanium dioxide
  • Use products containing hyaluronic acid


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