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Beauty Oils - The Basics

Posted by connie cho on
Beauty Oils - The Basics
  • Do not moisturize with only an oil - Oils apply a sealant on the skin; it does not pull in water and hydrates the skin.
  • Save the oil for last - Moisturizing or applying other products will not able to fully be absorbed into the skin if you apply the oil first. 
  • Some oils clog up pores - apply on a small patch of skin so you can see what works and what doesn't. Some oils, like coconut oil, tend to clog pores easily.
  • Some oils contain vitamins that repair and protect - Argan oil, or example, have high levels of vitamin E and vitamin A. Rosehip oil is packed with vitamin C that protect against damage.
  • Certain oils treat acne - tea tree oil has anti-inflammatory properties that kills acne bacteria and reduces pimple size.
  • You can use oils in place of makeup remover - oils break up makeup gently instead of stripping the skin of natural oils. If you have sensitive skin, using oils can be a great replacement for irritating makeup removers.
  • For dry skin, try heavy oils - Although it can get greasy, oils like almond and avocado oil are occlusive oils that can help the driest skin.

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