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9 Surprising Reasons You Break Out

Posted by c cho on
9 Surprising Reasons You Break Out

What causes acne? Along with genetic factors, there are certain habits you could be repeating that can cause you to break out. Here are some habits and triggers that cause break outs and cause those pesky pimples to develop.

  1. You can’t stop picking at your pimples – It’s impossible to pick or pop your pimple and not cause a red mark that turns into a scar. Popping your pimple causes the bacteria to go deeper into your pores, multiplying your pimples.
  2. You’re eating spicy foods – Spicy foods contain lycopene that throw off the skin’s pH levels that trigger breakouts.
  3. You’re using products that clog pores – Mineral oil, for example, which are found in lotions, are known to clog pores.
  4. You’re using too much spot treatments – Overusing salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide dries out the skin, causing your skin to produce oil and cause pimples. These ingredients that dry out the skin can cause your pimples to look worse, by making your skin redder. Use products that don’t dry out skin or contain natural ingredients that work with your skin.
  5. Hair products – Cleaning products for hair that contain sulfates can seep into the pores and cause chest/back acne and pimples along your hairline.
  6. You smoke – Cigarettes decrease the amount of oxygen that circulate to your face. The carcinogens irritate and dry out your skin, which trigger your skin to produce more oil and breakouts.
  7. You’re scrubbing too hard – When you scrub too hard, you scrub the active acne bacteria and spread it across the skin.
  8. You’re not washing your face after you work out – Not washing your face after a workout can cause dirt, oil and bacteria to mix with sweat and seep into your pores.
  9. Not wearing sunscreen – As your face gets red and absorbs rays from the sun, it causes your face to dry out and trigger oil production, which lead to more pimples.

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