6 Summer Skincare Tips

6 Summer Skincare Tips

Let's talk some summer skincare tips.

Switch to a lightweight face moisturizer & foundation

Trade your heavy moisturizer for those dry winter days for a lighter one. If you have oily or normal skin, heavy moisturizers may clog your pores in the summer heat. Same with foundation.

Cold Shower

Hot showers pull excess moisture out of your body and face, so showers with cool water are better for your skin overall. If you don't like cold showers, rinse quickly at the end of your shower with cool water to lock in moisture on your face, body and hair. 


Sunscreen is important during all seasons of the year, but even more important under the summer sun. If you forget to apply sunscreen, try these remedies.

Change your pillowcases

A dirty pillowcase can be a sneaky culprit of acne, and even more so in the summer as we sweat in the heat. Bacteria forms on your sheets and pillowcases, so try washing your pillowcase as frequently as possible. You can even rotate a towel to place on top if you cannot wash your pillowcase frequently.

Eat hydrating foods

Watermelons contain 92% water. Other foods with high water content are strawberries, cantaloupe, cucumber, celery, green peppers, spinach and more. This is perfect if you struggle to drink enough water during the day.


Excess oil brings breakouts, especially in the summer for those with oily skin. Try a clay mask to absorb clogged pores. Dry skin? Try a hydrating mask!


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