4 Tips on Skincare Combinations

4 Tips on Skincare Combinations

1. Do not use physical (manually scrubbing or using a tool) and chemical exfoliants (mild acids or enzymes) at the same time 

  • This puts you at risk for over exfoliating, which causes microscopic tear

2). Avoid using acne treatments (benzoyl peroxide) and chemical exfoliants (AHA & BHA) at the same time

  • Irritates your skin
  • Builds up tolerance to ingredients 

3). Avoid using vitamin C with AHA, BHA and benzoyl peroxide

  • AHA/BHA --> exfoliants
  • Disrupts pH balance (optimal level is 5)
  • Disrupts effectiveness of vitamin C
  • Vitamin C works well with Vitamin E

4). Use hyaluronic acid before face oils

  • Apply products from light consistency to oily the lighter consistency usually absorbs better
  • Using oils first blocks the hyaluronic acid from being absorbed into the skin
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