4 Skincare Tips You Need to Know

4 Skincare Tips You Need to Know

SPF is not just for sun protection - Wearing sunscreen not only protects agains harmful UV rays but also protects against fine lines, wrinkles, and signs of aging. Sun damage occurs even if you are not outside, so make sure to wear it everyday.

Help dry skin by drinking water - dry skin means you are dehydrated internally as well as externally. Drink more water throughout the day, on top of using moisturizer, to help your drying skin. 

Oily skin does not mean skip the moisturizer - Moisturizing is important to keep the skin's barrier intact. The barrier is in charge of blocking out external irritants like UV rays and keeping important moisture inside. Do not use shea butter or coconut oil, as these as pore-clogging products, which is more harmful for those with oily skin. 

More expensive products does not mean higher quality - A high price tag does not mean the product is better! Pay attention to ingredients and most importantly, listen to your skin.

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