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3 Reasons for Recurring Breakouts

Posted by c cho on
3 Reasons for Recurring Breakouts

Check ingredients of makeup, skincare AND haircare products
Check your makeup, hair products, and skincare ingredients for pore-clogging ingredients. Even if you’re doing everything right with your skincare routine, diet and lifestyle, you will continue to struggle with acne breakouts if products that touch your skin contain pore clogging ingredients, also called comedogenic ingredients.

Keep a consistent routine
Some ingredients and products take weeks and months to see results. If you aren’t consistent with your morning and night routine, you might not give your products a chance to help heal your skin. It can take months to clear up new and existing acne, so keep up with your routine.

Mixing products without research
When using skincare products, it’s important to make sure that you're not using ingredients that counteract each other. For example, Vitamin C is effective when it maintains a low level of acidity (typically pH 3). Alpha Hydroxy Acids, such as lactic acid & glycolic acid, can destabilize the pH of the vitamin C which makes it ineffective. 

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